Accessing Local Resource Files

You can access a local resource file on the display host in thin client by adding the "@[DISPLAY]:" notation to the file name in calls to the W$BITMAP, WIN$PLAYSOUND, W$KEYBUF, or C$RESOURCE library routine. When a file name that you pass to one of these routines begins with "@[DISPLAY]:", the routine attempts to access the file in the display host's file system. It does not download the file from the server. This function is helpful when your application uses many or large resource files and you want to avoid the download delay that occurs when you first run your application.

You can distribute any number of resource files with the thin client executable. You can specify absolute paths or paths relative to the directory location of acuthin.exe. For example, if you distribute the wave file MyApp\sounds\sound1.wav, you can access it on the display host with the following statement:


Note that if you change a distributed resource file, you need to distribute the updated file to all your users.