Setting Username and Password

Two acuthin command-line arguments let you send a username and a password for AcuConnect to use when it reads the AcuAccess file. The --user <username> option allows you to log in to the server as "username" rather than as the current logged-on user. The --password <password> option lets you send the given password to the server without being asked for it. If the password is not valid, the thin client does not allow the connection to occur. These options should appear before the server:port designation in the acuthin command line.

These options can also be set in a thin client command-line file. Use the atc-user and atc-password options described in Thin Client Command-line Files.

You are required to set a password on the server if you use the --user command-line option. In this situation, a prompt for the password appears after "username" is passed. If a password is not required, the --user option does not work.