acurcl -query

The acurcl -query command is for Windows servers only. It allows you to query whether or not the specified Windows service is installed.

Optional arguments to -query include:

Option Description
server Specifies the name of the server machine. If no server is specified, the server is assumed to be the local host.
-n Identifies a particular instance of the AcuConnect program by port number. The -n must be followed by a space and then an integer, for example, "6524". If no port number is specified, the default port (which has the service name "AcuConnect") is removed.

When you enter this option, you receive a message stating whether or not the service is installed, and if it is, whether or not the service is currently running. The -query command also displays the startup parameters that have been stored for the service, if any. For example:

C:> acurcl -query
Service AcuConnect (AcuConnect 8.0 on the default port (5632)) exists
Start Up: Automatic
Program: C:\microfocus\bin\acurcl.exe
Startup arguments: '-c c:\etc\server1.cfg -le
Status: running

Note that the startup arguments listed are the arguments used to install the service and not the arguments given to the currently running server.