This variable applies only in a thin client environment. The thin client runtime suspends all ActiveX events when the application is not processing an ACCEPT statement. However, some ActiveX controls do not support the ability to suspend and resume events. As a result, in a thin client environment, an event procedure may run unexpectedly during a CREATE, DISPLAY, MODIFY, INQUIRE, or any other operation that waits for results from the thin client.

With the TC_RESTRICT_AX_EVENTS configuration variable, you can control whether your application ignores all ActiveX events between the termination of one ACCEPT statement and the beginning of another. Set this variable to "1" (on, true, yes) to enable this behavior. The default value for this variable is "0" (off, false, no).

To determine if a particular ActiveX control supports suspending and resuming events, check the control's documentation or ask the control vendor. Note that to support suspending and resuming events, the control must implement the "IOleControl::FreezeEvents()" method.