Installing AcuConnect on a UNIX Server

For UNIX platforms, AcuConnect software is shipped on the product CD-ROM. Use the following procedures to install AcuConnect on a UNIX server.

  1. Create a directory on the server to hold the AcuConnect software. You should install AcuConnect directly into the ACUCOBOL-GT home directory.
  2. Install the AcuConnect software, accepting the default options in the script described on the Quick Start card that came with your product. Following the instructions on the card, enter your product code and product key when prompted.
  3. If you want to use the server configuration file in its default location, move acurcl.cfg into the /etc directory. This may require root or superuser privileges. The acurcl.cfg file may remain in the current directory or be copied or moved to some other directory. If acurcl.cfg is not located in the default directory (/etc), the name and location of the configuration file must be specified with the "-c" option each time AcuConnect is started. See acurcl -start for more information.
  4. On UNIX servers, you must create a server access file (default name /etc/AcuAccess) before AcuConnect will start or establish connections with clients. AcuConnect includes a utility program for creating and maintaining the server access file. To create a minimal server access file that allows any user of any client to use AcuConnect, perform the following steps:
    1. Log on to the server as root or become a superuser.
    2. Use the acurcl -access command to launch the server access file manager utility.
    3. When prompted for the path and name of the server access file, accept the default /etc/AcuAccess.
    4. Respond yes to the "Do you want to create it now?" prompt.
    5. From the main menu, click option [1], Add a security record. The manager presents a series of five prompts. Accept the default for each prompt by pressing Return. After you accept the umask field, the program reports that it has added the record.
    6. Exit the utility by clicking option [5] on the main menu.
    Note: For the minimal server access file, the user should have an account on the server by the same name as the account on the client. See The Server Access File for more details about the AcuAccess file and important information about security.

    AcuConnect is now fully installed and ready for configuration on the UNIX server. See Creating a Server Configuration File for the settings that can be configured for the server.

    Note: acushare is installed automatically as part of AcuConnect installation.