Printing from the MPE/iX POSIX Shell

The MPE/iX POSIX shell provides a way to print files using the "LP" shell command script. This program is located in the "/SYS/HPBIN" directory. If you do not specify the full pathname then this directory should be located somewhere in your MPE/iX shell PATH. For example:

shell/iX> export PATH="$PATH:/SYS/HPBIN" 

The usage for the "LP" command is:

LP [-d dest] [-n number] [-p priority] [-s] [-t title] [file...]   


Parameter Meaning
-d dest Destination or output device. The default is LP.
-n number     Number of copies to print. The default is 1 on MPE.
-p priority Print priority. The default is 8 on MPE.
-s Suppress messages.
-t title Print title on the banner page of the output.
file Name of file(s) to print.

To help print files using ACUCOBOL-GT, we have provided a sample configuration file called "cblconfig". This file contains sample settings for assigning the PRINTER device name to the MPE/iX system spooler. For example:


If your COBOL application writes to a file assigned to "PRINTER", the first and following words after the "-P" are treated as the program to run.

The above example runs the "LP" command on the print file. If desired, you may also specify any of the arguments to "LP". For more information, see ACUCOBOL-GT User's Guide > Compiler and Runtime > File Name Interpretation"