Distributing extend Products and License Files

If you choose to allow your end-user customer to create the license file directly on the target machine, your application must be accompanied by all of the files necessary to install extend products on the end user's machine. This includes the ACUCOBOL-GT product executable(s), DLLs, other relevant files, and the licensing files described above. Your customers will also need to receive their product codes and keys. The installation instructions for all major host systems are in Lets Get Started.

Note: If using the ACUCOBOL-GT Web runtime, see Obtaining and Distributing the Web Runtime in A Programmer's Guide to the Internet for special licensing considerations that may affect your product distribution.

The Activator utility should be launched at the end of your product installation.

You can distribute the product code and product key via fax, e-mail, or as a text file on your distribution media. When you send the product codes and keys to your customers, use a font that clearly distinguishes the different letters from each other. Product codes and keys do not contain the letters "o O" or "I I." In the Activator, all product codes and keys display in upper case. Also, the Activator removes spaces and hyphens.