Windows Installation Steps

The DB2 RDBMS, version 8.2.0 or higher, must be installed and configured prior to the installation of Acu4GL for DB2. Consult your DB2 documentation if you have any questions regarding this step.

You also should have the client software installed and configured, along with any database aliases, before installing Acu4GL for DB2.

Note: Acu4GL for DB2 requires DB2 client software version 6.01 or higher on the client machine. The bin directory of your DB2 client software must be in your PATH.

Installation from CD or Download

The ACUCOBOL-GT main Windows installer is used to instal Acu4GL for DB2. The installer will guide you through the install steps.

Once the installation is complete, refer back to the appendix for set up information.

Acu4GL for DB2 is a windows ".DLL" ("a4db232.dll") that is loaded at run time from the "bin" directory of your ACUCOBOL-GT product distribution.