Native SQL Errors

You may encounter the following native SQL errors when using Acu4GL for ODBC. These errors are generated by your data source, so the exact wording and error number will vary.

9D/???? Too many BLOBs (binary large objects)

Some databases have restrictions on how many BLOBs can be placed into a single table. To work around this restriction, specify the configuration variable A_ODBC_USE_CHAR_FOR_BINARY. This allows you to encode binary data in hexadecimal and write it out as CHAR data instead of BINARY.

9D/???? Invalid Column Name OR Reserved Word

You probably specified a column name using a word that has been reserved for your data source. Locate the column by comparing a file trace of the CREATE TABLE to your data source’s list of reserved words. Apply the NAME directive to the field in the FD that is associated with the invalid column, then recompile the program to create a new XFD file.

9D/16 Maximum Length for Literal Characters Exceeded

The interface queries the data source about the maximum size of a character literal in an SQL statement, and if there are any fields in the COBOL data record that exceed that limit, the interface fails to open the file, with an error 9D/16.

Error 9D/16 means that there is at least one COBOL field that exceeds the reported maximum length for character literals, and that you may not be able to insert or update at least one column in the database.