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OPEN ALLOWING READERS is not supported by Oracle. Your ACUCOBOL-GT runtime configuration file determines how to interpret this phrase. Set the variable STRENGTHEN_LOCKS to 1 to cause this phrase to be treated as OPEN ALLOWING NO OTHERS. Set the variable to 0 to cause the phrase to be treated as OPEN ALLOWING ALL. The default value is 0.

Transactions are enforced in Oracle. Within a transaction, records locked by I/O operations that modify, delete, or otherwise result in a COBOL record-lock, remain locked until a COMMIT WORK or a ROLLBACK WORK is issued, or until your COBOL program encounters a COMMIT or ROLLBACK verb. See COMMIT_COUNT configuration variable for more information.

Oracle does not support record encryption, record compression, or alternate collating sequences. You may include these options in your program; however, they are disregarded if specified.

The ACUCOBOL-GT utility program vutil cannot be used with Oracle files. Instead, use utilities supplied by Oracle.

Whenever you are using the library routine RENAME, you must specify that you are using indexed files. This information is passed by the value I in the fourth parameter.

Unless you have DBA privileges, or special privileges provided by Oracle Version 9i, you cannot:

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