Limits and Ranges

The following limits exist for the Oracle 9i file system:

Maximum indexed key size:   250 bytes
Maximum number of fields per key:   16
Maximum number of columns:   254
Maximum length of a char field:   255
Note: The limits and ranges differ between releases of Oracle.
Acu4GL for Oracle supports the following data types.
COBOL Oracle
PIC X(n) CHAR(n)
PIC X(n) VARCHAR2 (VAR_LENGTH directive is required)
PIC X(n) RAW(n)
PIC 9(n) NUMBER(n)
PIC 9(n) RAW(n)
PIC 9(n)V9(m) NUMBER(n+m, m)
example: PIC999V99     NUMBER(5,2)
Oracle COBOL
CHAR(n) PIC X(n)
VARCHAR2 PIC X(n) (VAR_LENGTH directive is required)
DATE PIC 9(6) or PIC 9(8)
NUMBER(n) PIC 9(n)
NUMBER(n, m) PIC 9(n-m)V9(m)
RAW(n) PIC X(n) or PIC 9(n) (BINARY directive is required)
example: NUMBER(4,3)     PIC9V999

Internally, Acu4GL for Oracle uses VARCHAR to prevent key fields that are all spaces from being converted to null.

These Oracle data types are not currently supported:

Other limits described in Limits and Ranges of the ACUCOBOL-GT documentation set apply.