Installation and Setup

You must perform several steps before you begin using Acu4GL on a new system. The following topics provide this information:

The MSSQL RDBMS, version 6.5 or later, must be installed and configured prior to the installation of Acu4GL for MSSQL.

Microsoft SQL Server's Query Analyzer, an interactive query tool, is also necessary for installing th stored procedures.

Micro Focus does not provide these products.

Note: The default sort order for MSSQL is case-independent. Make sure that this is what you really want when you install the server. The Connector uses the sort order as installed and cannot change its behavior to do case-dependent ordering if that is not what the server uses.

First you must install the files from the Micro Focus installation media onto the client machine. Then follow the instructions below for the server machine. Final setup steps on the client machine complete the installation.

Be sure to use the 64-bit libraries with a 64-bit run time system and 64-bit Acu4GL for MSSQL, and the 32-bit libraries with a 32-bit run time system and 32-bit Acu4GL for MSSQL.