Acu4GL for Sybase Installation

The Acu4GL product for Sybase is an add-on module. The Sybase Acu4GL product installation includes a .DLL file that is detected at run time. If you are working in a 32-bit environment, it is not necessary to relink the runtime.

However, the relinking process is necessary for UNIX users, and is explained below in this section.

The Acu4GL product can be executed on a machine that is running UNIX or Windows.

Installation instructions for each of these configurations are given in the following sections. The instructions in the sections that follow describe the steps you must follow on both the client machine and the server machine.

Be sure to use the 64-bit libraries with a 64-bit runtime and 64-bit Acu4GL for Sybase, and the 32-bit libraries with a 64-bit runtime and 32-bit Acu4GL for Sybase.