Menus Overview

ACUCOBOL-GT offers significant support for a variety of application menus.

Menu Bars

ACUCOBOL-GT supports a fully integrated menu bar facility. This allows you to display a main menu across the top of the screen, with optional pull-down submenus. Each menu item acts much like a function key, returning an exception value to your program. You decide how you want your program to respond to each exception value.

An individual menu item can be disabled when it's not appropriate for a user to choose that item. At your option, a menu item can be marked to indicate that it has been selected. Submenus can be divided into sections with separator bars. Shortcut keys can be assigned to menu options and displayed next to menu text.

You control when a menu bar is displayed. You can remove a main menu whenever you like and replace it with a different one.

Pop-up Menus

ACUCOBOL-GT also supports pop-up menus for Windows environments. Pop-up menus appear over the application in a vertical orientation while the user is selecting an item, and then they disappear from the screen. Each window and control can have its own pop-up menu. A single pop-up menu can also be shared by several windows and controls. You can invoke a pop-up menu from your program, and you can also arrange for a right mouse-click to invoke a pop-up menu that is tied to a window or control.