Mouse Exception Processing

ACUCOBOL-GT treats each of the possible mouse actions in a manner similar to a function key. Each action has a unique key code that allows you to define the desired behavior by using the KEYSTROKE configuration variable. The following table details the mouse action, the corresponding key code, and the default exception value returned.

Action Key Code Exception Value
Mouse moved Mv 80
Left button pushed Ml 81
Left button released ML 82
Left button double-clicked M1 83
Middle button pushed Mm 84
Middle button released MM 85
Middle button double-clicked   M2 86
Right button pushed Mr 87
Right button released MR 88
Right button double-clicked M3 89

For example, if the user moves the mouse while your program is at an ACCEPT statement, that ACCEPT statement will terminate with an exception value of 80. Note that this will occur only if the mouse action is unmasked and your ACCEPT statement allows for exception keys. If the mouse action is masked or if the ACCEPT statement does not allow for exception keys, the mouse movement will be ignored.