Special Properties

LABEL-OFFSET (numeric)

Labels are frequently placed to the left of boxed entry fields. Boxed entry fields are typically taller than their labels. This can create an alignment task, because labels and entry fields placed at the same row coordinate will not line up properly (the top of the label will match the top of the entry field's box instead of lining up with the field's center). The LABEL-OFFSET property enables you to adjust for this by moving the label down the screen slightly. The value of LABEL-OFFSET specifies the amount to move the label. Its units are hundredths of rows. The default value is machine-dependent. For Windows, it is "20" (that is, 0.20 rows).

LABEL-OFFSET is ignored when the control's coordinates are specified in pixels (that is, absolute coordinates).

Note: You can globally affect the default value with the FIELDS-UNBOXED configuration variable.