Common Properties


The Web browser control does not use titles.


The Web browser control takes an alphanumeric value, which is the URL.


The Web browser control defines its height by multiplying the LINES value by cell size.

Width is defined by multiplying the SIZE value by the standard or wide font measure. If this control is also boxed, the space required for the box is added to the width. The Web browser control has a minimum width of at least one character.


The Web browser control ignores specified colors. The actual colors used are system-dependent. Under Windows, the user selects the colors in the Control Panel.


EVENT-LIST is an exclusive list of events that are either sent to or withheld (blocked) from the program depending on the value of EXCLUDE-EVENT-LIST. See Common Screen Options for more information.


Methods are implemented as properties in ACUCOBOL-GT. To invoke a method, you modify the control, setting the values of various properties that represent the method parameters. Then, usually in the same modify statement, you set a particular property that represents the method to invoke. Sometimes just setting the value of a control invokes a method.

Here is a table of the methods with their corresponding ACUCOBOL-GT Web browser control properties and descriptions:

Method Control property Description
GoBack GO-BACK Navigates to the previous item in the history list
GoForward GO-FORWARD Navigates to the next item in the history list
GoHome GO-HOME Navigates to the current configured home or start page
GoSearch GO-SEARCH Navigates to Microsoft's web portal site
Navigate VALUE Navigates to a resource identified by a URL or file path
Refresh REFRESH Reloads the current page
StopBrowser STOP-BROWSER Stops any pending navigation or download

To invoke the GoBack, GoForward, GoHome, GoSearch, Refresh, and StopBrowser methods, modify the control, setting the appropriate properties to 1. To invoke the Navigate method, modify the control setting the VALUE property to the desired URL. For example, to invoke the GoBack method:


To invoke the Navigate method:


Alternatively, if you have defined the WEB-BROWSER control with value URL-1 in a screen section item called BROWSER-SCREEN:

MOVE "" to URL-1.

These methods are invoked asynchronously. This means that the MODIFY verb may finish executing before the operation is complete. You may check the value of the BUSY property (see below) to determine whether the operation has completed.