Generated when the user moves the mouse into a new grid control cell while holding the left button down. This event occurs only if the user clicks in a non-header cell first. Clicking outside of the grid and then dragging the mouse over the grid has no effect. Clicking in a header cell and then dragging the mouse over the grid generates MSG-HEADING-DRAGGED events instead.

Like most grid events, EVENT-DATA-1 contains the column number of the cell being moved to, and EVENT-DATA-2 contains the record number of that cell. For convenience, the properties X and Y are set to match these values for the duration of the event.

The default action taken for this event is to scroll the grid (if needed) and then place the cursor in the dragged-to cell. You can prevent the cursor from being moved by setting EVENT-ACTION to EVENT-ACTION-FAIL (the grid is scrolled regardless).

This event can be disabled by setting the style NO-CELL-DRAG, or by setting the run-time configuration file variable GRID_NO_CELL_DRAG.