ENTRY-REASON (alphanumeric)

Records the user's action that caused the grid to shift to entry mode. It is set immediately before the MSG-BEGIN-ENTRY event is generated, and it is retained until overwritten by another MSG-BEGIN-ENTRY event or until the grid is destroyed.

The encoding is a single PIC X character as follows:

x"00" (binary 0, ASCII null) — indicates that the user double-clicked on the cell
x"0D" (binary 13, ASCII carriage-return) — indicates that the user pressed the <Enter> key
X"18" A X"18" (binary 24, ASCII delete key) value indicates that the user pressed the Delete key"
Otherwise     Any other value is the key that the user pressed. For example, if the user started typing "John," the letter "J" is returned by ENTRY-REASON

ENTRY-REASON can be inquired only. Setting it has no effect. You may inquire on ENTRY-REASON during a MSG-BEGIN-ENTRY event to determine what caused the current entry to start. Note that you can then prohibit entry if you desire by moving EVENT-ACTION-FAIL to EVENT-ACTION and returning from the event procedure.