Establishes a repeating color pattern to apply to the rows in the grid. The first time you set this property, the specified color is applied to the top row of the grid. The next setting is applied to the second row, and so on. The pattern established then repeats throughout the grid's visible rows. The color value specified uses the COLOR phrase values for both foreground and background colors. The foreground and background intensity of the grid are ignored — the value is treated as the final color value. Note that the color pattern is fixed to the visible rows in the grid independently from the current vertical scroll position. Scrolling through the grid does not change the visible aspects of the color pattern. This prevents a jittery display while the user scrolls vertically.

This example sets a two-row pattern in which the first row will be background white (512) and the second will be background yellow (480). In both cases, the foreground is unspecified (zero added to the value) and will come from some other source:

ROW-COLOR-PATTERN = ( 512, 480 )

See COLOR above for related information.