VPADDING (numeric)

Sets the amount of vertical white space in each row. This value is the percentage of the grid's font height to apply as extra white space (that is, separation between the cell's data and the cell's row dividers). The default setting is 50. Note that this produces a look similar to a series of entry fields (because the normal entry field is 50 percent taller than its font). On character systems, the VPADDING value is not used.

Note: The Windows implementation of the grid control uses the standard "edit" (entry field) control to do its data entry (it creates the edit control when the grid shifts to entry mode). The Windows edit control has technical limitations with regards to vertical spacing. These limitations depend on the alignment of the field (left-justified fields have fewer limitations). Setting VPADDING to less than 50 can result in odd behavior. If you set VPADDING to less than 50, be sure to check that the grid behaves the way you want on your target platforms.