ALIGNMENT (alphanumeric)

This property specifies the alignment of data in each column. Like DATA-COLUMNS and DISPLAY-COLUMNS, each time you assign this property, you affect a new column. Allowed values are:

L     left alignment
R right alignment
C centered alignment
U unaligned

Equivalent lower-case values are also allowed, as are any words that start with the appropriate letters (thus, you can spell out left, right, and center if you want). For example, to establish a left-aligned column followed by two right-aligned columns, you would use:

ALIGNMENT = ( "L",  "R",  "R" )

To empty the alignment list (to establish new alignments, for example) assign an alignment value of space (" "). Left alignment differs from unaligned in that leading spaces are removed from left-aligned data, but not from unaligned data. Any column that does not have an alignment specified for it is unaligned.