NEXT-ITEM (numeric)

Setting this property returns a specific item ID. The new item found depends on the value used:

Value Item Found
TVNI-CHILD First child of the current ITEM
TVNI-FIRST-VISIBLE First item currently visible in control
TVNI-NEXT Next sibling of the current ITEM
TVNI-NEXT-VISIBLE Next visible item after ITEM
TVNI-PARENT Parent item of the current ITEM
TVNI-PREVIOUS Previous sibling of ITEM
TVNI-PREVIOUS-VISIBLE     Previous visible item before ITEM
TVNI-ROOT Topmost item in the entire control

These values are defined in acugui.def.

Note: ITEM must refer to a visible item when you are using TVNI-NEXT-VISIBLE or TVNI-PREVIOUS-VISIBLE. The return value from setting this property is the item ID if successful, or zero if the specified item does not exist. Set NEXT-ITEM to zero when no action is wanted.