The CLASS clause is also used to define enumerations. For example, the VtBrushStyle class is defined by the Microsoft Chart Control in the COPY file as follows:

      * Brush Styles
      * VtBrushStyle
           CLASS @VtBrushStyle
               CLSID, B8CC5B99-BD29-11D1-B137-0000F8753F5D
               NAME, "VtBrushStyle"
      * long VtBrushStyleNull
               ENUMERATOR, @VtBrushStyleNull, 0
      * long VtBrushStyleSolid
               ENUMERATOR, @VtBrushStyleSolid, 1
      * long VtBrushStylePattern
               ENUMERATOR, @VtBrushStylePattern, 2
      * long VtBrushStyleHatched
               ENUMERATOR, @VtBrushStyleHatched, 3

Enumerators are used just like level-78 data items.

Note that ActiveX enumerators should always be prepended with an "@" sign in case they clash with COBOL reserved words or ACUCOBOL-GT graphical control property and style names. The "@" character identifies the relationship of the name to ActiveX. The same holds true for ActiveX properties and methods.