CoCreate Instance Failed Error

When attempting to run your program, there is a special case that will cause you to receive a runtime error message of "CoCreate Instance failed". This case involves running on a Microsoft Vista or Windows 2008 machine that previously (or currently) had ACUCOBOL-GT Version 8.0 installed on that machine.

This error is due to a combination of versions 8.0 and 8.1 using different CLSIDs (a unique identifier) for AcuToNet.dll, and Microsoft's more restrictive version control methods for side by side DLLs.

To correct this situation you need to use the ACUCOBOL-GT utility RegAsm20Acu.exe to register the version 8.1 AcuToNet.dll. Do this by performing the following steps:

  1. From a command prompt, navigate to the bin directory of AcuGT (Program Files\Acucorp\Acucbl810\AcuGT)
  2. Entering the following command:
    regasm20acu /register /codebase AcuToNet.dll
Note: When distributing Version 8.1 ACUCOBOL-GT applications with .NET controls to Vista or Windows 2008 machines that previously had version 8.0 installed, you must perform the registration step on the target machine. In this case you would go to the directory containing the AcuToNet dll, and issue the RegAsm20Acu command as described in step 2 above. If the machine you are distributing to never had version 8.0 installed than it is not necessary to perform this step.