AcuXML Configuration Variables

ACUCOBOL-GT includes several configuration variables for configuring the XML output that is generated by the AcuXML interface. These include:

Configuration Variable Purpose
AXML_CREATE_STYLE Defines whether a DTD or schema is included with the XML output that is generated
AXML_CREATE_SCHEMA Tells AcuXML whether to create a schema file, or simply include the name of a schema file in the output
AXML_SCHEMA_DOC Adds a documentation element to the schema if created
AXML_SCHEMA_NAME Defines the name of the schema file to generate, if any
AXML_SCHEMA_NAMESPACE_DATA     Defines the precise schema namespace string to include in the XML output
AXML_ENCODING Specifies a character encoding method for the XML files that AcuXML creates
AXML_STYLESHEET_TYPE Adds a stylesheet comment to the beginning of generated XML files. This associates a style sheet with the XML documents.
AXML_STYLESHEET_HREF Names the XML style sheet to use
AXML_IGNORE_EMPTY_DATA When writing tags, ignores data items that are all blank (in the case of alpha data) or "0" (in the case of numeric data)

All of the variables are optional. If desired, you include them in your runtime configuration file, just as you would any ACUCOBOL-GT configuration variable. In addition, you should also use the configuration file to specify the location of your XML files, which particular files are of XML type, and perform additional configuration as desired.

See Configuration Variables for usage details on all of the configuration variables that are listed here.