On the Windows Client

  1. Execute the acuthin command with "--wait [--port nnnn]" where nnnn is the desired port number. The thin client waits for a runtime to connect to it and behaves as the thin client normally does.

    In this mode, acuthin has an additional command-line option, "--restart". When you specify this option, the thin client restarts itself after each debugging session. If you have transactions that require multiple COBOL programs, you can easily debug all of them. Keep in mind, however, that when you use the "--restart" option, you must use the Windows Task Manager to terminate the thin client process when you have finished debugging.

  2. When the runtime debugger screen appears, you can debug your application with all the usual runtime debugger options.

Please note that in a transaction processing environment, if the server program attempts to connect to acuthin and acuthin is not running, the return value will be "7", which is COBOL_NONFATAL_ERROR.