C$CHAIN Library Routine

The 32-bit Windows version of C$CHAIN behaves differently than it does in most other environments. A mechanism for "chaining" programs is not provided in 32-bit Windows. Instead, ACUCOBOLGT initiates the chained-to program as an independent program and then halts the chained-from program.

Although this has the correct effect, 32-bit Windows causes the active program to shift from the chained-to program to some other program when the chained-from program halts. The runtime cannot determine which program is selected by 32-bit Windows as the active one.

The net effect is that the chained-to program pops up, but then becomes inactive and must be reactivated with either the mouse or the keyboard in order for the user to enter data. A mechanism for suggesting which program to activate when a program halts does not exist in 32-bit Windows.