Unlike anything before it or since, the Internet has taken the world of computing by storm. It is said that over 800 million people have Internet access today, that there are over 400 million Web sites. Even after the implosion of the dot com era, some industry watchers report that the number of Internet users is growing at a rate of 10% per month, and that the number of Web sites grows by 1.5 million each day.

So it's no wonder that the Internet, the Web, and the promise of electronic commerce remain a vital concern to corporate IS departments. How can they take advantage of the infrastructure that's in place, not to mention the user base that it reaches? Do companies have to start over, retrain their development staff, spend most of their computing budget?

On the contrary, Internet commerce is closer at hand than you might think. Rather than rebuilding your applications with a new "Internet" language, you can provide access to applications and data over the Internet without ever leaving COBOL!

Using extend technologies, you can deploy existing ACUCOBOL-GTĀ® applications on the Internet today. This book explains how. You can make your applications accessible through popular Internet browsers and the World Wide Web, or you can harness the Internet in a more secure TCP/IP networking configuration. When new Internet initiatives surface, you can perform your development in ACUCOBOL-GT, or you can combine your COBOL programs with other Internet languages and technologies.