Starts the Web thin client and returns the result of the action.

If you invoke your application directly by specifying the SRC or AcuCommandLine property in the <OBJECT> tag, you do not need to call AcuExecute. Your application will start automatically.

The AcuExecute method takes no parameters.

Parameter Type    Input    Output
() [ ] [0, -4, -5, >0]

The return value is of data type LONG.

Value    Explanation
0 Success, Web thin client started.
-4 The Web thin client is already running.
-5 The acuthin DLL could not be found, or the acuthin DLL is the wrong version.
>0 Unexpected error.

For example:

Return_value = AcuThinAX.AcuExecute()

Do not invoke this method until you have set either the SRC or AcuCommandLine property to specify the command line file to use; otherwise, AcuExecute will not have the information necessary to start your application.