Scripting with the object interface

Scripting is an optional method for invoking the Web thin client. While it is possible to invoke the Web thin client without scripting, some users may want to take advantage of all the methods and properties in the object interface.

The following VB Script example illustrates how to invoke the Web thin client object by a push button event using a script:

<INPUT id=button1 name=button1 type=button value=Button> 
sub button1_onclick() 
   call AcuThinAX.SRC("http://www/") 
   call AcuThinAX.AcuEmbedded(1) 
   call AcuThinAX.AcuExecute() 
end sub 
Note: Only one instance of the Web thin client is allowed. You cannot have multiple instances of the Web thin client in one browser instance.