The ACUCOBOL-GT compiler produces a wide range of informative messages, including both Errors and Warnings. An Error message is more severe than a Warning and, unlike a Warning, inhibits production of an object file by the compiler.

The following list contains the Error messages produced by the compiler. In many cases, the meaning of an error message is clear from the message itself. Where this is not the case, a brief explanation follows the message. In this listing, the term %s represents some string that will replace the %s before you see the message. In most cases, the string will be a user-defined value, such as a file name, a record name or an item name.

The listing is in alphabetical order. Note, however, that the first few pages list messages that begin with dynamically generated strings. The alphabetical ordering ignores the string (which replaces the %s in the listings). Therefore, if an error message starts with a dynamic string, look it up in this list by using the generic portion of the message that follows the string.