This operation code retrieves information about the destination device.



Return Values

This operation returns the number of bytes used in the buffer to hold the spooler's configuration settings.

The number of bytes needed to hold the configuration can change when new settings are selected by the user, often by several hundred bytes. You should allow for a wide range of configuration sizes. Experiments suggest that 1000 bytes is adequate to hold typical configurations, but there is no guaranteed upper boundary.


The parameter, BUFFER, is a PIC X(n) data item containing the spooler's current configuration. BUFFER should be the second argument to WIN$PRINTER. The spooler's configuration includes information about the destination device, its paper size, and page orientation. It does not include information about the current font selection. The information stored in the buffer is binary data that corresponds to some internal structures used by Windows. This information should be left unchanged. This operation should be called before calling WINPRINT_SET_SETTINGS.

Note: This operation is not supported in ACUCOBOL-GT's Thin Client environment. Use the WINPRINT-GET-PRINTER-INFO-EX operation instead.