ERASE Phrase

{BLANK}             {SCREEN}
{ERASE} [EOS]                    (RM)
  1. The ERASE phrase specifies that some or all of the current line or screen should be cleared to spaces. The spaces will use the currently selected background color for the active window, unless the -Vi compiler option was used. Cursor positioning occurs before the ERASE clause takes effect. See Video Options for more information.
  2. The ERASE LINE phrase causes the current line to be erased. The ERASE TO END OF LINE and ERASE EOL phrases both erase the line from the current cursor position to the end of the current window.
  3. The ERASE and ERASE SCREEN phrases cause the current window to be cleared. The ERASE TO END OF SCREEN and ERASE EOS phrases cause the window to be erased from the current cursor position to the end of the window.
  4. The cursor is not moved by these operations except in RM/COBOL compatibility mode, where ERASE (without the EOL or EOS phrases) specified on a Format 1 ACCEPT or DISPLAY verb causes the default cursor location to be line 1, column 1.
  5. When ERASE SCREEN is specified in a Screen Section entry, and that entry either contains or is subordinate to a COLOR phrase, then the default window colors are changed to match that COLOR phrase. This also applies to the FOREGROUND-COLOR and BACKGROUND-COLOR phrases.
  6. If a control has the TEMPORARY style and its upper-left location is within the erased area, the control will be destroyed. PERMANENT controls, however, are not affected.