Examples of running programs with ACUCOBOLGT

With ACUCOBOL-GT, the syntax for running a COBOL program with an XL (Executable Library) is:


:RUN /ACUCOBOL/bin/runcbl; 
   INFO='options program'; PARM=parameter; 


shell/iX> callci "RUN /ACUCOBOL/bin/runcbl; 
   INFO='options program'; PARM=parameter; 


options are any options to runcbl;

program is the name of the program you want to run;

parameter specifies any software switches you need to set; and

xl.group.account is the name of your XL

Note: You must specify the full or relative pathname of runcbl if it is not in your current directory or if your HPPATH environment variable is not set correctly. See Installation on HP e3000 Machines for instructions on how to set the HPPATH environment variable.
Note: If you change the name or case of ccbl or runcbl, you must also change the name of its associated license file. The license file must have the same name and case as the program, plus the file extension .alc in lowercase. For example, if you rename runcbl to RUNCBL you must rename the license file from runcbl.alc to RUNCBL.alc.

If the ACUCOBOL-GT programs are renamed to uppercase names and are in an MPE/iX MPE/iX group like:


then you can use the LIB= option to specify searching the group library, public account library, or the system library. For example:


:RUN RUNCBL; INFO='options program'; LIB=G


shell/iX> callci "RUN RUNCBL; INFO='options program'; 

LIB=G means the program's group library is searched first, then its public account library is searched, and finally the system library is searched to resolve the program's external references. You can also specify LIB=P or LIB=S.

runcbl needs to be either in your current directory or in one of the directories specified in your HPPATH.

If you do not have an XL that you need to specify, you can use the implied version of RUN. For example:


:runcbl; INFO='options program'


:runcbl 'options program'


shell/iX> callci "runcbl; INFO='options program'"


shell/iX> callci "runcbl 'options program'"

If you do not specify the full pathname of runcbl, then it needs to be located in one of the directories specified in your HPPATH.