File name case

HP COBOL and ACUCOBOL-GT treat file name case differently. When HP COBOL creates a new file via the OPEN OUTPUT statement, the name of the file (as specified in the ASSIGN TO phrase) is always created in upper case. For example:

ASSIGN TO "myfile"

creates a file with the name MYFILE. In ACUCOBOL-GT, the name of the file retains the case specified in the ASSIGN TO phrase (in the example above, myfile). This difference in behavior can produce unexpected results (for example, although MYFILE may exist, ACUCOBOL-GT won't find it; instead it creates a new file named "myfile"). You can make ACUCOBOL-GT behave like HP COBOL by setting the FILE_CASE configuration variable. The value of FILE_CASE causes the case of data file names to be adjusted at run time. Accepted values for FILE_CASE include:

2   Data file names are translated to upper case.

1   Data file names are translated to lower case.

0   (default) No case translation is performed.

For complete information on the FILE_CASE configuration variable, see Appendix H of the ACUCOBOL-GT documentation set.