Compiling with AcuBench

AcuBench uses the Windows version of the ACUCOBOL-GT compiler to compile source code. The ACUCOBOL-GT compiler includes a capability called Acucorp Remote File Access Protocol, or acurfap. With acurfap, the compiler can create the resulting object file directly on the remote system, if AcuServer or AcuConnect is running on the remote machine. AcuConnect can be deployed on the HP e3000, making it is possible to compile on a Windows system and have the resulting object file placed automatically on the designated HP e3000 machine. The exact location is specified in the Project Properties area of AcuBench. For complete information on acurfap and its use with AcuBench, see the AcuBench User's Guide and the ACUCOBOL-GT documentation set.

Note: acurfap can be used only when AcuConnect is running on the HP e3000.