This variable is designed for use with AcuXML. Use it when you want to specify a character encoding method for the XML files that ACUCOBOL-GT creates. By default, the XML output generated by ACUCOBOL-GT is mapped to the UTF-8 encoding system (compatible with the US-ASCII character set). If you want to use a different encoding system, for instance a European encoding system that includes the British pound character (>=), change this variable to reflect the new system name. For example:


This variable causes encoding information to be added to the header of XML files created by ACUCOBOL-GT. With the configuration file entry shown above, the following header would be included:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso8859-1"?> 

This header causes the ISO-8859-1 Latin encoding system to be applied to the data file as desired.

AcuXML supports the following encoding systems: