This variable is typically used when a character-based application is moved to a graphical environment. Use the COLOR_TABLE variable to cause transformations of individual color combinations. For example, a COLOR_TABLE entry might cause a red foreground on a black background to be translated to a white foreground on a blue background.

Follow the word COLOR_TABLE with the original foreground and background numbers, separated by a comma. Follow these by an equals sign and then the new foreground and background numbers, separated by a comma.

For example, to transform the color combination of foreground 5 on background 2, to foreground 13 on background 2, you would use:

COLOR_TABLE   5, 2 = 13, 2

These are the possible values for foreground and background settings:

Color Color Value
low-intensity Black 1
low-intensity Blue 2
low-intensity Green 3
low-intensity Cyan 4
low-intensity Red 5
low-intensity Magenta 6
low-intensity Brown 7
low-intensity White 8
high-intensity Black 9
high-intensity Blue 10
high-intensity Green 11
high-intensity Cyan 12
high-intensity Red 13
high-intensity Magenta 14
high-intensity Brown 15
high-intensity White 16
Note: This variable cannot be read with the ACCEPT FROM ENVIRONMENT statement.