This variable determines the file system to be used if no filename_FILESYSTEM variable is set for a file and none of the other file system variables are set for the file type. The other variables you can use to specify a different file system for indexed, relative, or sequential files, are:

For example, setting:


causes all indexed files to go through the EXTH interface. Unless another file system is specified, ACUCOBOL-GT uses its native file handler for relative and sequential files.

Note: The DEFAULT_IDX_FILESYSTEM variable is a synonym for the existing configuration variable, DEFAULT_HOST.

By default, all file access is handled by the ACUCOBOL-GT native file handler. For those file types you want to access using an EXTFH library, you need to set one or more of these configuration variables to EXTFH.

For example, to use the DB2 library to access indexed files, you would set the following two configuration variables:


For information on specifying EXTFH library and function names to use with the EXTFH interface, see the topic Working With an EXTFH Interface in A Guide to Interoperating with ACUCOBOL-GT.