This variable allows you to redefine the line drawing characters used with the Windows console (DOS-box) runtime. The value of DOS_BOX_CHARS is a list of characters that draw the line segments. It should be a list of 13 space-delimited characters that correspond, in order, to the line segments as listed below. To redefine the DOS line drawing characters, specify the characters you want in the following order:

  1. horizontal line
  2. vertical line
  3. upper left corner
  4. upper right corner
  5. lower left corner
  6. lower right corner

Four three-way intersections -

  1. missing bottom line
  2. missing left line
  3. missing top line
  4. missing right line

and -

  1. the four-way intersection
  2. upper-half block
  3. lower-half block

These line drawing characters may also be specified by decimal value. Characters that are not available on a particular machine should be specified with the decimal value 0.

The default value for DOS_BOX_CHARS depends on the CODE_SYSTEM configuration variable. If CODE_SYSTEM is not set, or is set to 0 (or ASCII or EBCDIC), the default is:

DOS_BOX_CHARS 196 179 218 191 192 217 193 195 194 180 197 223 220

If CODE_SYSTEM is set to a non-zero value, which is the case in the ACUCOBOL-GT JPN version, the default is:

DOS_BOX_CHARS 6 5 1 2 3 4 21 25 22 23 16 0 0
Note: This variable cannot be read with the ACCEPT FROM ENVIRONMENT statement.