This variable sets the maximum number of lines that can be included in the error file. It's especially useful when you are using the file trace function of the debugger. When the size of the error file reaches the number of lines specified in this variable, the error file is rewound to its beginning, and subsequent lines of output overwrite existing lines in the file. For example, if you set the maximum to 300, then lines 301 and 302 would overwrite lines 1 and 2 in the file. Note that there is an upper limit of 32767, setting a larger number causes odd behavior. The default value is 0, which means do not limit the size of the file.

When using the -l run-time option (which causes the configuration settings to be logged in the trace file) the trace file wraps to the line below the MAX_ERROR_LINES entry. For this reason, MAX_ERROR_LINES should be the last entry in the run-time configuration file

To help you locate the end of the file, an *** End of log *** message outputs whenever the run time shuts down. Line numbers are included in each line of the file, in columns one through seven.

This variable is not available on VMS systems.