This variable allows an application to use the Windows control style that is in use on the workstation. To enable these visual styles, your application must be running on an operating system that contains ComCtl32.dll version 6, which is included with Windows XP and placeVista.

When set to TRUE (ON, YES, 1), the application displays the current control styling available on that operating system.

Note: In addition to visual differences, some XP and placeVista controls have different behaviors than their Windows classic counterpart (by Microsoft design).

The default setting is FALSE (OFF, NO, 0) which prevents the run time from using the Windows control styling, and forces the classic Windows look.

Note: The configuration variable WIN32_3D can also change the look of controls in an ACUCOBOL-GT application. It is generally recommended that you leave WIN32_3D set to its default behavior of off or false when setting WIN32_NATIVECTLS to on or true.
Note: The Windows OS allows users to configure (accessibility options) whether or not keyboard shortcut names appear with underlines. For example ctrl+c vs. ctrl+c. The WIN32_NATIVECTLS respects this setting and displays shortcut names accordingly.