The following command creates a library in /myapp/obj on the UNIX server myserver called myapp.lib from all the .acu files in the current directory.

cblutil -lib -o acurfap://myserver::/myapp/obj/myapp.lib *.acu

acurfap stands for Acucorp Remote File Access Protocol.

The following command creates a library in /myapp/obj on the Windows server myserver where AcuServer is listening on port 6543. The library is named myapp.lib. The files used to create the library are all in /myapp/obj on myserver. Because you cannot use wildcard characters, you need to list each file.

cblutil -lib -o 
   acurfap://myserver:6543:c:/myapp/obj/myapp.lib \
      acurfap://myserver:6543:/myapp/obj/test1.acu \
      acurfap://myserver:6543:/myapp/obj/test2.acu \
      acurfap://myserver:6543:/myapp/obj/test3.acu \
Note: The use of the backslash character (\) as line continuation delimiter works only on UNIX systems. If you are entering a command for Windows, you must type the entire command as a continuous string.