Windows Considerations

When you are using vio on an Windows machine, you can specify a diskette drive with the -f option. If you do this, you must specify the type of diskette you want to write. Specify one of the following letters immediately after the drive-name's colon:

H 1.2 MB High-density 5.25"
3 1.44 MB High-density 3.5"
9 720 KB, 9-sector, low density 3.5"
8    320 KB, 8-sector, low density 5.25"

If you leave this letter off, vio will assume a low-density, 360 KB diskette (which can be either 3.5" or 5.25").

You may not specify a diskette drive with redirection. If you write directly to a drive, all pre-existing files on that drive are lost. In addition, all directory information is lost. In addition, the diskette will not be usable by Windows until it is reformatted.