Known Limitations

If you attempt to write to a write-protected diskette on a Windows system, vio incorrectly believes that 10 records are written to the diskette, and then it prompts for a new diskette. When this happens, the archive is incorrect and you must start over. Reading from write-protected diskettes works correctly.

vio will transfer indexed data files to/from VMS, but it will not convert them. If you must do this, you will have to unload and reload the records yourself.

On VMS, the -n option is always implied.

Be careful when using full path names. Some operating systems do not translate them in the way you might expect. You should always use relative path names when transferring files to a different operating system. Always make sure you have permissions to create files, and subdirectories if necessary, when you are transferring archives.

When using the -s option, you can suggest up to a maximum of 99999 blocks. This number corresponds to 50 MB if the block size is 512 bytes, and 100 MB if the block size is 1024 bytes.