Transaction logging and recovery with AcuServer

Transaction logging and recovery are possible on a network using AcuServer. Transaction logging and recovery of operations on remote files are also supported.  See AcuServer) for more information.

Such recovery is possible only if each client runtime uses the same log file. To accomplish this, specify a host name, according to AcuServer rules, in each client's runtime configuration file. For example, to specify a single log file on a server with the host name sun, add the following line to each client runtime's configuration file:

LOG-FILE @sun:/usr2/users/cobol/mylogfile

Each client runtime with this configuration file entry will use the single server log file during its START TRANSACTION, ROLLBACK, and COMMIT processing. Temporary files used for rollback are created in the working directory, or in the directory specified by the LOG-DIR configuration variable of the client runtime.