Default Keyboard

The default ACUCOBOL-GT keyboard is defined below in the language of the KEYBOARD and KEYSTROKE runtime configuration variables.

KEYBOARD Data-range=32,255  
KEYBOARD Exception-range=1,31  
KEYBOARD Auto-Return=0 Screen-Default=No      
KEYBOARD RM-2-Default-Handling=No  
KEYBOARD Check-Numbers=Yes  
KEYBOARD Cursor-Past-End=No  
KEYSTROKE     Terminate=13 ^M
KEYSTROKE Edit=Next Terminate=9 ^I
KEYSTROKE Edit=Previous kB
KEYSTROKE Edit=Backspace ZB
KEYSTROKE Edit=Erase-Field ZK
KEYSTROKE Edit=First kh
KEYSTROKE Edit=Auto-Insert KI
KEYSTROKE Edit=Erase-Field KC
KEYSTROKE Edit=Erase-to-End kE
KEYSTROKE Edit=Left kl
KEYSTROKE Edit=Right kr
KEYSTROKE Edit=Up Exception=52 ku
KEYSTROKE Edit=Down Exception=53 kd
KEYSTROKE Exception=67 kP
KEYSTROKE Exception=68 kN
KEYSTROKE Exception=40 KD
KEYSTROKE Exception=90 K?
KEYSTROKE Exception=1 k1
KEYSTROKE Exception=2 k2
KEYSTROKE Exception=3 k3
KEYSTROKE Exception=4 k4
KEYSTROKE Exception=5 k5
KEYSTROKE Exception=6 k6
KEYSTROKE Exception=7 k7
KEYSTROKE Exception=8 k8
KEYSTROKE Exception=9 k9
KEYSTROKE Exception=10 k0
KEYSTROKE Exception=11 K1
KEYSTROKE Exception=12 K2
KEYSTROKE Exception=13 K3
KEYSTROKE Exception=14 K4
KEYSTROKE Exception=15 K5
KEYSTROKE Exception=16 K6
KEYSTROKE Exception=17 K7
KEYSTROKE Exception=18 K8
KEYSTROKE Exception=19 K9
KEYSTROKE Exception=20 K0