Building the Menu

To add, remove, or change items in your menu, use the following steps:

  1. In the Menu Designer, double-click the menu text marker (<<...>>).

    A text field appears in place of the menu text marker.

  2. Enter the name of your menu item in the text field.

    To underline one character in the menu item name, indicating that the letter is a hot key, place the ampersand (&) character before the letter you want underlined. (For example, E&xit, indicates that the exit shortcut is Alt+X.)

  3. Press Enter or Tab to complete the menu item.

    The text marker moves to the next line. You can now repeat the previous steps to create another menu item at the same level as the first, or use the steps that follow to add a menu subitem.

  4. With a menu item selected, right-click and select Insert a sub-item. You can also use the Insert a sub-item button at the top of the Menu Designer window.

    The cursor drops to a submenu field, enabling you to type in the name of a submenu item.

  5. Once you have entered all of the submenu items for a particular menu item, you can enter the next menu item and submenu items by selecting the menu text marker below the last submenu item.

    The Menu Designer allows a maximum of four levels of submenu items (five including the main menu).

  6. If you want to add a menu item before an existing item, highlight the existing item and click the Insert item before button at the top of the Menu Designer window. You can also right-click in the dialog box and select the Insert Item Before command. The new item appears aboveand at the same level as the selected menu item.
  7. To insert a separator between menu items, highlight a menu item, right-click, and select Insert Separator command. A separator is inserted before the selected menu item.

    Note that you can also create a separator by entering a single hyphen (-) character as the text of a menu item. AcuBench automatically changes the Separator property of that item to TRUE, creating a separator.

  8. If you want to remove an item from the menu that you are creating, highlight the menu item that you want to delete and press Delete.
  9. To move a menu item up or down, select the item and drag it to the appropriate spot in the menu, or use the up and down arrow buttons at the top of the Menu Designer window.