64-Bit Windows Considerations

On 64-bit versions of Windows that run Internet Information Server version 7 or later and on which a 64-bit system is installed, a 64-bit application pool is created during installation and is detected when BISMkApp is launched.

In a Windows Internet Information Server (IIS) environment, the security for your BIS web application and its program (service) and data files is provided by the built-in security mechanisms of IIS. These are based on the We Application system maintained by IIS and can be manipulated by any user with sufficient Administrator privileges. For this Appendix, Windows Server 2003 is assumed to be the host system, although the procedures for Windows Server 2000 and Windows XP Professional are very similar.

Within the IIS 6.0 Help system, go to Internet Information Services | Server Administration Guide | Security section. There you will find an extensive description of the Windows web security mechanism.